Thursday, January 19, 2012

My life began on the day I met my husband, my sophomore year of high school in 2000. Gosh, that seems like forever ago! We have been high school sweet hearts ever since. Married for 8 years now and 3 boys later, I am wore the heck out. Not really, but some days I do feel like digging myself a hole in my back yard and hiding in it. But what mother doesn't? I absolutely love my life. My boys have taken me on a amusement ride I have never been on but everyday I cant wait to jump off and get on to the next roller coaster. Digging for worms, I NEVER thought I would touch,( I have two sisters, I am used to barbies and lipstick), playing monster trucks in the mud outside, humorous nose picking and stinky tennis shoes!

I will formally introduce myself  my name is Megan Hanna. I am from Chanute, Kansas but recently has moved to Carl Junction, Mo. My husband Matt and I have three boys; Britin 8, Gage 6 and Durk 4. I work two jobs, one is at the Health Center at MSSU and the other is at Victoria Secret. My ultimate goal is to get my degree as a Nurse.

This blog is to give you a realistic journey of the life of a Hanna! I hope you enjoy it and get some love, tears and smiles out of it!