Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life as we know it!

My life is really blessed. I have three amazing boys, a awesome, loving husband and great friends and family surrounding me. Today, I was sitting at work (MSSU Health Center), thinking how great my life is, and how coming to Joplin gave me a career change that changed my life.
We recently moved here 2 years ago and I was currently a stay at home mom with my own daycare. But moving to Joplin, was giving my husband a career change and me with nothing. I started looking for a job, and was obnoxiously agitated because I did not know what I wanted to do. Like a little kid wandering in the park with out my parents. But one day I met up with some old friends that had moved here just a few earlier. She was quitting her job for a more full time position and offered it to me. This position was at the Health Center. I was very hesitant of taking it because I really never worked in the medical field. But I had no choice had great hours and I thought it might be a great opportunity.
The health center gave me a great deal of passion for helping people. I was working there for about 7mths and decided, I had found my career change. I had wanted to go back to school but did not have the guts to do so. I knew this is what I wanted to do.
Then May 22, 2011, we had a F5 tornado hit the heart of Joplin. My family was very fortunate and was not effected by the tornado. We had friends and my sons daycare that was effected. But with me working at the college we were the disaster center, where everyone would come to us for shelter food and any kind of help. I was working the shelter part where the people were hurt and needed medical attention. It hit me hard when seeing elderly people with no homes and disoriented, a father and two year old son that was hurt severely and he had no idea if his wife was even alive. That is when it hit me hard, that my career choice was being a RN, to help those in needed of help mentally and medically gave me a since of pride, that I could help make a difference in their life.
Overall, I wrote this blog to give you an idea, why I chose my career path and why I am in school. Giving life to someone is the best feeling ever. I hope you are just as passionate as your career choice as mine!


  1. That picture of your family is so cute! Your boys have the cutest smiles lol. I have seen you in the career center a few times. That is so awesome that you found a job where you can help people and you love it.

  2. The tornado had a huge ripple effect on Joplin. I was born and raised in Joplin an I live here still. My home was fine but my husband was at work. I didn't know if he was alive or dead. I too was helping at MSSU. I watched thousands of people be so grateful for just the basic necessities of life. That really hit home for me, too. It made me realize just how fagile our lives really are. It gave me the push I needed to change my career and my life. I am a web and database developer. All I have is an associates degree from a career school. UGH! The tornado made me really think about what God has given me. Who am I not to use it? So, here I am. Finishing up my 4 year degree then I am headed off to get my law degree. I cannot really decide what avenue of law I will practice but I can guarentee you one thing. I will use it for good. Always.