Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dog bites News Anchor!

This story caught my eye right off. The news article I found on yahoo news, , was very interesting to me because you see a lot of dogs biting, but not a news anchor for that fact! This story is based in Denver, Colorado where a pit bull was found in a pond helplessly trying to survive from drowning and a rescue fire fighter saves him. The owner, dog and fire fighter were invited to a local news show to show off! But instead the strained dog bites the news anchor! In this article you will see the events that took place and who was blamed for this horrific matter.

My emotional reaction to this was OH MY LORD!!! How can they let a deranged dog on TV? Then I kept reading on and seen the physical drainage and stress on him, I felt horrible for the dog for someone even let this happen! Then I kept reading and seen where they are blaming the anchor because she touched the dog and was playing nice to it. I am confused? Why would you blame someone that was trying to  portray its greatness to the community. Then they as well are prosecuting the owner for not having a good hand on the leash? If anything I think the dog was the last to blame but no one else should be blamed as well it was accident and something that could of been prevented if everyone took the right precautions!

The reaction you get from me is simple. I stated earlier that this could have been prevented by simply having common since to me! The dog was in some kind of distress. And was put in front of a TV out of the ordinary and was supposed to act good. Any of you have kids? Well if you do. You know my point exactly! They are gonna go crazy!

Concluding this news brief, I feel that we should treat animals as humans and not think they wont become very scared in news shows. just like a little kid or anyone. If we all put our head together, maybe next time we will think about putting animals on TV and the reason why! This hurt someone severly and could of lead to death! Lets not let it happen again!

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