Saturday, March 3, 2012


This article comes close to home that I found at Yahoo. This week the weather has been crazy, and its only February, I don't know if you guys remember, but last February we had 20 inches of snow. Not thunderstorms and tornadoes! CRAZY! In Pekin Indiana, was a massive tornado, which in one town devistated the whole town NOTHING left. We know how that feels right? But a two year old toddler was found in a lonesome field after the tornado (about 10miles from where she lived) and was rushed to Kentucky hospital and was found in critical condition, if that is not bad news this is, as well they suspecting that all of her family did not make it in the tornado.
My response to this was absolutely heartbreaking. I could never imagine a sweet innocent child being so lonesome and no where to go.
The reason I feel this way because recently having a town that you live in be hit by a F-5 tornado and more than half the town destroyed. And as well having young children, just hits right at home. I could never think if one of my kids was left alone in a field with not me or my husband there to help soothe him or make sure he was ok. Especially in a hospital, town and etc.
My conclusion is that I hope all of the tornadoes in the Midwest make a well recovery. I as well hope the baby finds some kind of family and pulls through with her condition. Just a heartbreaking situation.

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