Friday, March 30, 2012


My blog came from YAHOO!, which is a very interesting topic tonight! MEGA MILLIONS!! This article explains why you do not want to win the mega bucks. The five main reasons they explain are 1. Your friends will take advantage of you. 2. Your relationship could fail 3. You'll have increased risk of bankruptcy 4.You'll have to fight off a host of long listed families, and last but not least 5. You'll be the target of lawsuits.

The first reaction I had on this article was very sudden. Why would you read this? Its just a "debbie downer", but realistically, all of them are true. So they did change my aspect of things but I did not want to believe them.

So you are probably wondering did you buy a ticket? Well of course I did, with the millions of other people. My reaction follows because I bought a ticket and my hopes were up to win, because of this I felt like this was a negative article for someone reading it and thinking they were gonna win the BIG bucks. But if I had not won, I probably would have been very pro towards this because actually it all makes since. Every single topic. My favorite one would be the family one. Just because you would probably hear from "family" all over the country wanting to "reconnect with you. Although, all of the topics did have a great point.

My conclusion to this is did I really need to spend fifteen dollars today at the convenient store? Nope, will I do it again? Probably. I heard someone say on facebook today that you are 6.81 more times likely to be attacked by a Honey Badger in the US than winning the jackpot. Keep in mind there are only 10 honey badgers in the US. I do not know how true this is but I thought it would be a great ending to my oh so not winning ticket.

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