Saturday, March 3, 2012


This article I found in Yahoo! was very eye opening. In Washington DC a charter teacher at Trinidad Center City School was fired for sending assignments home that were racist and crude to eight year old children. The teacher thought it was a fun way for the kids get into math. His direct quote was "I am tired of hearing children say that they don't like math because its boring, this was going to get them to do math." Some of the assignments were "I took a nap in a bog one day and woke up screaming. 3796 leeches, 2910 fleas and 1044 vampire bats were stuck to my bald head drinking my blood in ecstasy. How many bloodthirsty bloodsuckers were dining on my head?" These problems were actually sent home to parents for their kids to homework.
My first reaction to this was OH MY GOSH. I would directly be up to the school the first one of these I saw. This is ridiculous any child at any age should not be aware of work this way.
The way I felt like this is simple. You send your children to learn in a health living way. Not to learn any racist form kinds of things, or even death at that. At eight years old? This should not be anything they should be thinking about. Yes I am glad he got fired. He deserved every bit of what he got and I hope any other teacher that is acting this way see's from his actions what happens. Children should learn in a positive environment, they already are in a bullying environment.
My conclusion to this is that I hope that teacher feels horrible after what he did giving those eight year old children disgusting homework. I now see why some people home school their children. First, its kids getting bullied or pushed doing into drugs and so forth and now the teachers are showing them bad things? Whats next? Lets fix this problem parents and keep these kids and a environment they should be in!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I am so glad that he got fired! That is not ok. I would be so mad if I had a kid come home with an assignment like that.