Friday, March 30, 2012

Would you go to the center of the earth?

The article I am reading now comes from YAHOO! news, and its a very different article, because of its effort. Richard Branson, record producer of "VIRGIN RECORDS" is now trying to plan a way to the core of the earth. Some may think that this is a joke because its wanting to be published on "April 1st".  He as well has made journeys through sailing and ballooning records. Branson also claims he will take one of the Black Eyed Pea's members in a "special" capsule down in to the lava for a time change.

This article hit me as being kind of cool at first because no one has ever tried this experiment. But as the article went on, I as well thought it sounded like hoax.

Why did this article make me think it was a hoax? Well a few reasons, they mention that it wont be published on until April 1st, which we all know as the famous joke day of all year. And then the time capsule part. We all know that this is not something that can really happen, even though we probably wish we could go back in "time". These main reasons is why I think this article is not true.

Maybe one of you might think this is true but I will leave that up to Richard Branson to change our minds. I love the quote he left at the very end, "As you can see from the photos, I went back to 1972. How far backwards would you like to time travel? Where would you like to go?" So as a conclusion, I would like you to think about this and comment and let me know what your thoughts are to this! Mine would be back in high school, and make better grades! I think? That is a hard decision. Good luck on yours!

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