Friday, April 13, 2012

8 months pregnant and competing in the OLYMPICS!

Today my article is come from Yahoo News! I found this article quite interesting. Because the 2012 London Olympics are coming up and this young lady is a shooter (target) and will be 8months along pregnant. Yes, her doctor did confirm that would be medically fine. Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi but she also said that if for some reason she feels as thought it was unsafe for her and her baby she would not go through with the shooting.

My first thought of this was, "OH MY". When you read the topic it pops out to you as someone is a athlete of some sort when you see olympics.

The reason I felt like this is because I assumed that being 8 months pregnant and being in the olympics would have some kind of harm to the baby, which is VERY scary!!! I dont think I would ever be able to compete even 6mths pregnant!

The ending of this is very sweet though. "I will talk to the baby before I compete... 'no kicking, stay calm for one hour and 15 minutes only please,'" commented by the shooter. She seems very confident in herself. GOOD LUCK Nur Suryani! Go for the gold!

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