Friday, April 13, 2012


I am not sure if many of you remember this a few years ago, a young Russian boy was adopted by a United States citizen and was brought here to the states. The adopted mother rejected him and put him back on a plane to Russia after saying she did not want him any more and his "psychosocial" issues. Well today Yahoo News researched what happened now, the Russian boy is back in Russia after receiving many clinical testing and so forth. And nothing was found in this young boy to be wrong. Part of his ex-adopted mother, she will be paying child support for the child.

My first thought on this was VERY sad. I can not even fathom of doing this to any child what so ever. People do not have the heart and obviously does not to be around children.

Why I think that this is not right? How about every reason you can think of. What do you think that child thinks of every time is interviewed or brought to attention about being rejected by his "adopted" parents. That is a traumatic event that will not ever leave him. Even if the child had psychosocial issues, you would think as a parent, that would be a responsibility and a gift that you could try healing him from helping him from. Just disgusting and I hope she gets every penny taken away from her for child support.

In the end, the ones of you that have children. Could you ever fathom your own child being adopted by someone and then rejected because of some mental behaviors? I think someone should do that to her. Reject her just because of some disorder or the way she looks.

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