Friday, April 27, 2012

Is Nutell Healthy?

Have you ever had Nutella? The oh so healthy breakfast food, claimed by its commercials. Well, in Yahoo news, I read a very interesting article. A woman feeding her 4 year old daughter Nutella for a couple a years has found that now the "oh so" healthy snack is NOT healthy as the lead on and the spread is about is as healthy as a snicker bar the woman claims. The mother sued Nutella for a whopping 3.5 million and the 2.5 millions goes to us! If you bought a jar of Nutella in between the Jan 1,2008 to Feb 3, 2012 you have a chance of getting your money back up to 4 jars with no receipt.
My first reaction to this was, "wow", I really had not heard of the Nutella spread until almost about a year ago, and it did not look very good, but heard from a lot of friends and their kids that they loved it. And for sure thought it was healthy.
I feel so bad for Nutella in a way, but not for misleading other people to buy their children and themselves this as a "dietary food" and thinking you are feeding healthy snacks to whomever. But in other ways does not every commercial "lead" you on? It is your responsibility to check the label and make sure its right? So I guess what I am saying, lets read in between the lines, and if for some reason you think its healthy and they lie on the label...well then I suppose you should sue someone! But otherwise go get your free money!

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