Saturday, March 3, 2012


Do you drink a lot of diet soda? Well in this article I found at Yahoo news, is suggesting you shouldn't drink so much any more. Is it addicting? Sources say yes because of the caffeine it. But whats worse that it could as well cause heart attack, stroke, preterm labor, kidney trouble and weight gain if excessively drank.
My thought to this is very hard to see because of my addiction of pop myself.
Why I think this is very simple, I am a horrible pop drinker. It is super hard for me to drink anything else because I love the caffeine. I am such a busy mom that it makes me feel like I keep going with drinking it. I wish it was easier said than done. I always try to do diets and keep going back to my pop. I think that's why people are so addicted to it as well. The caffeine does give you a lot of ump to people. But I wonder if it really works as good as they say!?
My conclusion is that I don't think this story will do any good to anyone until they know someone or something happens to themselves from the diet soda or pop to have any of these issues, which is very sad but true. I hope some people get some insight to this article just because its horrible addiction and I dont want to see anyone hurt or dead because of just pop!

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  1. I too consume a lot of pop, particularly diet pepsi. I would have to say I'm an addict. I'm quite sure its bad for me, I don't need anyone to tell me that. I would be interested in hard facts. What exactly are the repercussions of drinking gallons of diet pop on a regular basis? I have never talked to anyone who told me that whatever illness they had was directly related to diet pop.