Thursday, February 23, 2012

9 Year old girl dies from running for 3 miles...

The paragraph that I read from Yahoo!, was a very sad story. Its about a girl that was forced to run for three hours straight with no rest, after being punished from her grandma and step-mother, for eating candy bar and lying about it. The result ended up the young girl had a seizure and was rushed to a childrens hospital where she later died. The two step-mother and grandmother are being held at a Detention Center in Alabama with a $500,000 cash bond.
My first emotional response to this is still the same but disgusted. This is horrendous! Who does this to a young child for stealing candy? Really candy? I hope both of the adults are punished to murder. I don't care if it was a accident or not. Every angle of this is wrong, I understand punishment should have happened if the young girl died. But not to this extent.
The reason I acted this way is because, a nine year old child is super young and fragile. To press so much exertion and stress onto a childs little heart is just very sad. I have a eight year old son, I could never imagine making him run for three hours, let alone 10minutes for a simple situation. Go to his room for three hours sounds more like it. But running?  Cruel and shameful!
This story caught my eye just for the pure fact of sadness. I hope these two women are punished with some kind of murder charge. Sometimes I think some people have no heart or life. And that is very sad. I hope some people open there eyes and see what is going on with young children and how sickening and selfish they are. They are just babies at this age keep em young while they are!!!

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