Friday, February 17, 2012

Bus drivers kill?

According to the article I read on Yahoo news! Bus drivers do try to kill. How scary? In England, the two were in a heated argument at a stop light and the bicyclist was in the way of a bus driver and the bus driver swerves into the way of the bicyclist and purposely hits him with the bus. The bicyclist father of two is fine, had a fractured leg but will be OK. The bus driver was sentenced to jail time for 17mths.
My honest opinion, is road rage always gets the best of you. I think its wrong on the bus drivers fault. But I do not know what was said between the two at the stop light.
I would say that its not fair that the bus driver was only sentenced to jail less than 2 years, he had a bus full of people besides also trying to hurt the bicyclist which is even more scary. These anger held people get away with things so simply they tend to HURT everyone around them the second time because it was not that great of risk the first.
In conclusion, the bus driver and bicyclist should have waited till after they were driving to take their stupid fight else where even though I don't think any kind of physical contact is a good ending. But when you are out riding your bike, maybe you should wear your helmet!

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  1. So sad and shows you how road rage takes over!! I just read an article on someone elses blog on a school bus that was t boned and killed some ironic that you would post this!!