Friday, February 17, 2012


This news journal at Yahoo News! was very interesting. It included a56year old male student attending Oakland University. The student had a assignment with what he said had no restrictions to the essay, but the student wrote about his "hot teacher"! He proclaims he was writing off a hit song that was performed in 1984 called "Hot for Teacher". Supposedly, this was not the first incident, there had been several incidents where he had been writing about sexual things in his journals. Mr. Corlett (student) feels like his first amendment was violated, freedom of speech. The university would not comment on Mr. Corlett's case because it would be talking about a students file which is illegal.
My feelings towards this issue are both in the wrong and right. I keep going back and forth. On many different aspects of the story. I tend to see me leaning toward both sides. This situation is a very hard one to say "yes" this is the right one or "no" its not.
 My personal opinion is I do understand Mr. Corlett's personal testimony of freedom of speech, but where I go wrong is talking about a teacher sexually is VERY wrong to me, no matter what age. This is giving everyone the wrong ideal all together. But kicking him off campus? Not sure. I would want to see what kind of "sexual" content he wrote to assume if it was agressive or not. But again, about a teacher? Not right. I guess I am saying, he knows he had a freedom of speech, but why he did not act on it the right way is going to keep everyone going.
My conclusion to this paragraph is watch what you write! Always make sure your audience is not going to be offended or hurt. And think with your brain. Everyone is watching and you are what you write.

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