Friday, February 17, 2012

What are you eating? GROSS!!!

This story is one of a kind, and disgusting! It caught my eye at Yahoo. These amazing ingredients in every day food are breath taking. Take a look at you box of food that you have sitting in front of you, do you see human hair? Nope did not think so! But I am sure you have seen L-cysteine,(this is the scientific word for human hair and duck feathers). Yes, I am serious. Salad dressing, has a ingredient they use to put in PAINT.But the number one, get ready, canned mushrooms, FDA approves 74 mites (maggots) in a 3.5 oz can. Oh gosh, this is just a few. Lets be more cautious and look up some of those weird looking words on the back of your ingredient box, they may surprise you, or maybe make you throw up!
So my overall thoughts on this story was very shocking. Before reading it, I just thought maybe it would be very little things you know like bat poop or something but maggots? Seriously? And as well as the salad dressing, I about lost my dinner. I think this is horrible and discriminating.
You are now wondering why do i feel like this? Well think of it this way, one of the other bad foods, was jelly beans, all of that dye they put in them, causes brain-cell toxicity and proven to start ADHD symptoms. I have children, now I am freaking out. Its like I am causing them the pain by making them eat this. I am going to be completely honest, I would never have thought anyone, scientist or anyone would let us eat this stuff??
My conclusion is going to be short and sweet. DO NOT EAT anything unless reading the label, for your benefits or family if that! I am very vulnerable to things and I don't read between the lines, but guess what the girl is going to be doing? Yep, READING A LOT more!!! I mean if we are feeding ourselves human hair and maggots, whats next? Being crash dummies for cars? Come on....

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