Thursday, February 23, 2012

Man has to apologize to exwife on facebook or go to jail!

In the article/video I have watched on Yahoo, brings up a good call! With social media becoming one of our biggest entertainment and life online, this man was court ordered to write an apology to his ex wife for thirty days or go to jail in Cincinnati. The man chose to do the apology but was just wanting to be able to see his son and be able to speak for himself and to have others feel his opinion or ignore it.
My opinion of the incident is very hard. I have mixed feelings of both ends. Me I am a social media freak, I am on FB more than I can count on my fingers a day. It is fun to put my feelings and look at everyone's FB as well. But then there is a stopping point, especially talking about your sons mother should be unacceptable.
The reason I react this way is because I have three boys and if I found out from someone that my husband was talking horrible about me while we were divorce, I would be horrified, just for the fact that he is my son's father and he should be showing them the respect towards me that he would want from them. When they see their father act like this, they follow into footsteps and do the same. But I do understand the fact that freedom of speech is a big issue as well on social media sites, but sometimes some things should be offensive.
My conclusion to the end of this is very simple. The man had a easy fix, while being able to fix the problem with the apology for thirty days or go to jail. And he chose the right thing to do, especially showing his boy that is ok to apologize. So he got what he wrote!

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