Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is a cupcake worth $50,000?

Is a cupcake worth $50,000 dollars? This article I found on yahoo news is a little different from the rest of my articles. This one is a special one because valentines day is around the corner.
How would you like to be proposed to or get the special valentines day with an amazing cupcake that we all love but what else would be better? Yes a girls best friend. Instead of cherry topped, diamond topped! A chef goes well beyond his duty. But it does not stop there either! Pizza Hut caters say they will add a diamond for 10,000.
This is a awesome idea! A girls two favorite things, sweets and diamonds. A man can never go wrong with a proposal like that! I am shock as well that other restaurant chains are going as well to the extra mile. As pizza hut or private restaurants. Do I think its to much or over board? No way. If someone is will to pay this much to make a woman happy and has the money to do this, do it. Special treats always go the longest way. Trust me.

I can vow on how special a proposal is. My husband put my wedding ring on my 1mths old pacifier holder and said "Oh man, Britin stinks, take him!" and then got down on one knee. My enhancement was my son, which made it perfect.  I as well can see it becoming a problem as well, a man proposed to a lady by putting her wedding ring in here frosty and she eats it!! A few xrays and sono's later they find it. And I know that sounds horrific, but is it something she will forget? Nope. Thats why I love stuff that is always remembered in the heart especially occasions like that.

My conclusion, adheres that I love people coming up with the idea of rings in cupcakes, and maybe a pizza too. This little treat is a few bucks but last forever if its true love. This article put a smile on my face and hopes everyone has a Happy Valentines day! And, Valentines day is coming up, so do not forget to get your special someone a gift that she will not forget or want to eat!


  1. I love what you've said about this and it's so romantic! I'm single and when a day like valentine finally come, I feel like I need someone there to smile with. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a Happy Valentine!

  2. It really doesn't matter how the proposal goes, as long as it is earnest then it is romantic. My husband and I have the brady bunch going at our house. He has custody of his from his first marraige and we have 3 together. So, while all the kids were running and and screaming through our home eight years ago, he grabs me by the arm, traps me between him and the counter in the kitchen. There is where he proposed. All the kids were there, of course they didn't care and continued on their screaming binge but just for that moment all in our world was serene. There were no kids, no long and arduous custody fight, no bills, no work, it was just us. I will never forget it. It fit how our family came together.