Thursday, February 9, 2012

Highschool girls team get punished for wearing pink in game!

The article I found on Yahoo! news was very interesting when I started reading over it.
The paragraph is about a girls highschool team in Nebraska, starts a fundraising opportunity and wears pink jerseys to raise money. The opposing team's coach find that this is wrong because they suppose to wear white because they were the home team, which led to them getting the ball first. But the officials take the game very seriously and gave the girls wearing pink jerseys a technical and making them lose.
My feelings toward this news article is OUTRAGEOUS. Really, thought think about it? How inconsiderate for another teams coach to be so upset that he wanted a team that was raising a great cause for the community but nationally as well, pulls the technical card out? Was he really that scared he was going to lose? Or did he not like the attention they were getting? I just don't understand how someone can jump so low. Especially, a representative of a high school.
The athletic director of Burke Highschool, made the comment "I'm glad we could at least be the event site where we could get that done and I am glad we were able to do that."Raising money for charity is just a part of life and I think it was opportunity for us to do that." This is a amazing comment, and he is exactly right. Not every school gets the opportunity to do this. And the opponents should be happy for this, just because they are as well playing for a team fighting for the cause. I would feel tremendous respect for the other team.
In my conclusion, I am very overwhelmed by the acts of other people and the way they in sports activities. We as adults and parents are supposed to show some what of respect and liability opportunities, not point fingers and make judgements. Where does this get our future adults? No where, the same place we are now. If you ever have the chance to make something right like these girls do it! Winner or losers, in my heart they are winners because they fought for a cause that is a never ending battle! GO LADY BURKE!

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