Thursday, February 23, 2012

A real diet drug possibly coming soon!

So would you take a drug that was held off a year ago because of its side effects? But now is a possible FDA approved go! Well, this article I found in Yahoo news, tells all. The new drug Qnexa, weight loss pill with a appetite suppressant and a anti-convulsant with the well known drug phentermine. This drug also has a history of clearing up blood pressure issues. But has the defects of causing birth effects. But the catch is in order to get this drug you have to be calculated to a 30 or higher BMI to receive it.
My overall feeling with this could be hand in hand, just because I understand weight issue is a big demand and is a epidemic right now with obesity. But then the health risk as well become a problem when taking it. But if you die because you were out of shape and or die because taking the medicine, I would rather die trying, wouldn't you?
We can fix obesity, by either exercising or trying a new pill, but something has to change somewhere in the US lifestyles. This pill could be a positive change or it couldn't. But having more that 4500 people try it and lose almost 10percent of their body fat is amazing.


  1. WOW. Yes if i feel into the category for 30 above BMI i would try it. Obesity is a very big problem in the US today. Most drugs we have out there have plenty of bad side effects and people still take them everyday. I would think if this has been proven to work people should try it. I know that pills isn't the "cure all" but it might give people the positive step so they would try to exercise more and be able to live a healthy life.

  2. I think I would try it haha!!! I would just want to look good. I have tried many diet things and I would try anything!!