Thursday, May 3, 2012

13year old boy points out mistake in museum art!

A New York City Museum, The Met, it is a museum of artistical and museum of history. A 13year old boy, Coady was at the museum and is a avid history buff noticed that a certain map, Byzantine Empire, which Coady had been studying at school. He was reviewing the map and noticed that where Spain and Africa were supposed to be some dates were missing. He went to the frond desk and tried to explain to someone but Coady's response was, "The front desk didn't believe me," he told the paper. "I'm only a kid." However, Coady did recieve a email from the museum, vice president of external affairs saying that his request had been forwarded on to the museums mideval department for further evaluation. A couple months had passed and he got another email saying that he was exactly right. They even invited him personally to tell him that they are working on getting it updated.

What did I learn from this article from Yahoo News? Never, ever underestimate a childs thoughts. They might kick you in the rear later. Mr. Coady was very correct and I am sure it made him feel good about being able to pick out something that was in the Museum that none of us could probably ever notice. I always smile back and think as well, we are teaching our children the right things. So when a 13 year old or however old tells you that something is wrong, listen to the kid, you never know he's probably right!

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