Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elephant plays harmonica!

Shanthi a elephant that has a unique gift, he plays the harmonica with her trunk. Well if you want to see this little fella you will have to go to the Smithsonian National Zoo. The zoo sent out a video of the 36 year old elephant playing the harmonica that is attached to her stall, she also likes to even play when there is no one around. Her trainer says she is musically inclined, she likes doing other different things to make music as well, like rubbing her legs together, flapping her ears, hitting the wall to just repeat sounds she hears.
The first thought I had with this article Yahoo News showed was amazing, it always is very heartful that you see a animal doing something they love especially being in a zoo. The kids even enjoy seeing this too, always puts a smile on someones face no matter what!

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  1. You are correct the kids will love to see this. I think this is amazing.