Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cell phone Privacy Invasion at Best Buy

How many of you take your phones to a cell phone shop or Best Buy to get it fixed? I bet you will second guess this next time you need a fix on your phone. this article I found on Yahoo News explains why. A heterosexual man took his phone to Best Buy to get it fixed and accidentally left up the Facebook app on. And as soon as he recieved his new phone in replacement he brought up the Facebook page and his status read "I am gay, I am coming out". The man gave a complaint to the store and they came back with he was fired, he as well is looking into legal action with his lawyer.
I read this and was so upset for this man, I think something more legal should have happened to the man that was "just" fired.  Like the man brought up in the article this is so not right on many levels,  his words were ,"I feel I have been humiliated. My reputation has been tarnished," he said."Just having to explain it to certain people that I haven't been in contact for a while," he said. "I feel I shouldn't have to do that." So next time when you take your phone to the store I would make sure everything is deleted off there, and that is sad to say our privacy has to be eliminated that way.

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