Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding Bells and Kids!

Today, I am writing a personal blog. My husband and I's very good friend is getting married on Saturday, and we are both super happy for them. We are back in Kansas, this is our home town, it is so beautful! Just one thing we are really nervous about, our three boys are to be in the wedding! Yes we are happy they are gonna be in the wedding, but nervous how they will act. Wait, I will take that back, we know our eight and seven year old will do great, but we have a four year old boy, woo, yep thats a different story. I am thinking right now, will he even walk down the isle, will he do something funny as soon as he gets down the isle? Needless to say, kids make the wedding right? Well, I sure hope so with him. Thank the lord he has blue eyes and blonde, curly hair. So my question is has anyone else had an onrey kid in their wedding or a child of theirs? How did they do? Was it as nerve wracking as I am? Let me know your thoughts!!! And yes I will post pictures as well for everyone!! Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

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