Thursday, May 3, 2012


Have you been to Dollywood? Well its about summer time and what does that mean? Themeparks, rollercoaster and fun! MSN news gives a great article on how to get that adrenaline rush. This new main attraction is in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and is the first ever winged roller coaster. This ride has the seats on the outside of the track where you have nothing underneath your feet or head, swaying you like you are just flying in air. This roller coaster goes at speeds of being on a freeway, 200 feet high and zero-gravity roll. The roller coaster is built to look like the great Tennessee's national bird.

I WANT TO GO! Was exactly my first thought, I am absolutely an adrenaline junky and love trying new exciting things. It would just be blast to feel the air through your hair and having nothing underneath your feet or head just the wind! Yes scary, but fun! My favorite rollercoaster ride is Mamba at Worlds of Fun. I hope one of these days I get the chance to go to Dollyworld! Has anyone been there or what is your favorite ride?

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