Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goodwill into History!

Usually the things you buy at a goodwill are really not famous for anything but for yourself? Ones trash becomes someone elses treasure right? Well this article I found in Yahoo News! comes close to home for all of us. A good will that started in Oklahoma and made its way to New York in the good will internal storage was a piece of clay art that was dated all the way back to somewhere 2,000 years ago. The piece was being bid on for about 4.99 and inside the piece of art was a note that said "Found in a burial mound near Spiro Oklahoma in 1970." The Goodwill is returning it to Oklahoma in the Caddo Indian Nation.

My first thought of this article was how neat that it traveled all the way from Oklahoma to New York and to be found out that it is a piece of old art history. I am sure glad someone found that it was history as well because someone else could of got their hands on it and made some money off of it. But now its going back to Oklahoma where it belongs! Has anyone else found a piece of art or something cool that was history or had a meaning?

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