Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 things we should not say to our children!

Most of you have children on here from what I can see! I know some of you don't either but this is a great article for anyone that has kids to ones that babysit or has nieces, nephews etc. Its five things parents shouldn't say to there kids! The article explains some of the basic things we say to our children to get them to do things when they don't, such as "act your age", "say your sorry", "I don't care", "don't you get it" and my favorite "I am leaving without you", and then gives you advice why not to say it but also tips to you what to say to them to do things we want without saying those phrases! I hope you like this article that I found on Yahoo News! and it is helpful to you as much as it was to me!

My first thought was this hits right at home! My kids are super onrey and well they are boys and sometimes don't like to listen especially my four year old. I tend to use the "I am leaving with out you phrase", and it hurt me to read this because some of the article read that sometimes kids take this heart because they really don't want you to leave them and then will just get used to the fact that you say that and becomes meaningless to them. So my goal is try to void from saying "I am leaving without you". And it will be hard but definite transition that needs to be made!

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