Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DEA "accidently" leaves boy in cell for 4 days

In this article I found in Yahoo News! was about a student in California who was at a house smoking marijuana was hit by the DEA for a drug raid. The young man was not charged for any of the things he had done and was even told by the DEA that he would be just taken home, but was taken to a tiny holding cell and was left there for four days, with no food,water or bathroom utilites. The boy claims to had hearing other officers in rooms talking and so forth, but screamed and screamed for help and no response. He ended up drinking his own urine and tried killing him self with the glass in the lenses of his own glasses, sure that he was going to die. A DEA agent had finally found him and called a ambulance where he was taken to a hospital and put in ICU for kidney failure. The head of DEA had spoken and was give a apology for Yahoo news to publish, it contained, I extend my deepest apologies the young man and want to express that this event is not indicative of the high standards that I hold my employees to. I have personally ordered an extensive review of our policies and procedures." The young man plans on suing the DEA.

My first thought this is horrendous, at every single level, no person that was found doing drugs should be treated like that, race, sex or gender. I hope someone takes a serious look at this. Even when you could hear people outside of the room, you know they could hear you as well. I hope this is a eye awakening and people get fired because I feel horrible for this young man. And he deserves more than apology I would say from this police division. I cant even imagine a judge saying that this would be ok for a "accident" no way. What do you think was it an accident or was it on purpose?


  1. Very sad story. I'm sure there will be an investigation and being in major trouble and fired over this.

  2. That is horrible. You know they had to have heard him. I'm going to look up this and see if there's anything about how the kid is now. Thanks for posting.