Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My article today was found in Yahoo News!, it was about a woman Sharon Jones put her lottery ticket underneath the digital scanner to see if she won, the scanner then replied back "not a winner", so what does she do? She throws it away and walks out. Well, that's not the end of it, another woman comes by Sharon Duncan and picks up a handful of tickets and has them re-rung, and what happens? SHE WINS A MILLION DOLLARS! But, there is a bad deal to do this, the lady that threw it away wants her million dollars back, and a judge has clarified she gets it back. Sharon Duncan is very upset, she has bought gifts for her children and a new truck for herself.
My first reaction to this article was very sad. I just think its ridiculous for the other lady that got it out of the trash. She is the one that picked up and had it rescanned, it was the first ladies fault she threw it away. And my second thought is she picked up a few other tickets outta the trash, how do they know that it belongs to Sharon Duncan is my question? I think this is a horrible on every level, someone needs to make a law or something, because that's just like someone dropping a ticket thinking they didn't win and someone comes along and picks it up and wins off of it. How does that work?

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