Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 year old enters the MENSA

In Yahoo News! the article I came across was of a 2 year old that had a IQ of a 154, she is from Canada.  The young boy is the youngest to be adopted into the program  The 2 year old can recite the alphabet forward and backward, count to 1000 and as well recite the planets in order. He is the second 2 year old to be admitted into the Mensa ever. The little boy speaks in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Romanian). At an early age of 4mths he was able to look at cards when someone would show him a few and they would say the letter C he would point at it because he could say what he wanted at the young age.

My first thought of this article was how cool is this, to have a little boy of 2 years old be entered into the Mensa, its amazing to see little ones with such a high knowledge of things, if everyone would be so involved in there kids lives I think we would have alot more children with higher IQ's. So lets all work harder with our children and see if any of them are entered into the Mensa!

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