Friday, May 4, 2012

My Blog Reflection

Blog Reflection

            A semester flies by when you actually enjoy a class. I am currently taking an online English class. The instructor for this class is Mrs. Holly Chism. This class consisted of entries of blogs that we personally got to design and chose a topic for each entry. In this paper I am going to explain the pro’s and con’s of the blog assignments we did in class and my overall thoughts of what I learned from the blogs.

            The first initial assignment we were introduced to was the blog entries. This experience to me at first was a little intimidating, but exciting. I had never had the chance to create a blog, let alone write about a specific event or news articles. I was first scared because I am not a very good writer, but honestly I felt like it was fun to learn about news topics that were interesting to me, and also made it much easier and enjoyable for me to write. My opinion when you write about something you enjoy the writing comes a lot more painless to me.

            In the process of writing a blog I have learned that self discipline is a number one when having an online class, especially when you have a timeline to write the blogs. But also learning that I learned so much more about what was going on with the news, I felt smarter because I was more knowledgeable and confident of what was going on with the world and my surroundings.


Another experience I gained from the blog was how my writing style was done. When you are always told how to write things I feel like you never learn how to write yourself, but how someone else wants you to write and you do not gain from it.

            The blog was a great experience to keep up with, but traditionally wanted to write about myself and my family for my family that lives across the country. But keeping up the blog if I was just writing about the news articles seems like a time consuming part in my life. I am a mother of three boys, full time school and full time job; I don’t see why I would. But if I had started out writing about my family and they enjoyed it, I could see myself still writing, and maybe when I am done with school and have time for myself to do things, blogging might become a hobby for me in the future.

            Overall, I feel like the blogging experience was a great learning experience, but scary at first. But in the end I found out how my writing style was formed into how I like to write. If I would have changed one thing about the blogging assignment it would be too write more about myself and family, so I feel more like I was being productive with information to someone else. I absolutely loved this class and I am glad that I got to take it and discover a unique way to learn but being productive at the same time.


  1. I agree. This was also my first time doing a blog. At first I felt almost self conscious with everyone reading them and commenting, but it really hasn't been bad.

  2. Afer seeing your post now I feel badly about what I wrote. I guess I was in a stressful and bad mood when I wrote my comment about Blogging. I guess we did learn a lot and it forced me to look up and write about things each week that I would not have done if I were not doing this as a grade for a class.